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Radon now in stores!

YEAH, Bongbastic finally released their products, we can now buy BongBastic Radon! I will keep you up to date with news around BongBastic Radon and Ethcathinon.

Samstag, 3. April 2010


Chemical name: 2-ethylamino-1-phenyl-propan-1-one

Other names: Ethylpropion


Ethcathinone is mainly used as legal high, it is a stimulant drug with euphoric properties. It is commonly used like XTC or sometimes like amphetamine, small dosages are used for stimulation and higher dosages for recreational usage.
Ethcathinone is a research chemical, this means data is limited and long term side-effects are also unknown.

Ways of administration and dosages

The common ways of administration are swallowing and insufflating. Ethcathinone is pretty agressive to the nasal mucosa, therefore insufflating is not recommended. A common dosage is 50-100 mg if insufflated, if taken orally the common dosage is 100-200 mg.
Beginners should test low dosages first, to check individual response on ethcathinone.

Effects and side-effects

If ethcathinone was taken orally, the effects take around 20-30 minutes before they can be felt. The effects start with stimulation and mood lift, often also a heavy body load appears. The effects slowly increase and reach peak after 60-70 minutes, with 200 mg the effects range between XTC and amphetamine.
The peak effects contain euphoria, stimulation and desire to move, waving body feelings, slight visual changes. The thoughts remain pretty clear, so talking and regular conversations are no problem. The peak lasts for 3-5 hours, this depends on dosage, tolerance and individual response to ethcathinone.
The effects from ethcathinone wear off slowly and don´t have a bad ending, the after effects are mainly slight stimulation and a nice feeling throughout the body. If ethcathinone was taken in very high dosages or continuous over some time, the after effects can still be present at the next day. Additional high dosages or massive consumption can lead to uncomfortable hang-overs, similar to those of amphetamine and XTC.
Insufflated ethcathinone starts nearly immediately and the main effects last for 2-3 hours, often consumers report from a burning feeling and a drippy nose after insufflating. This discomfort can last for up to one hour, if the substance was insufflated more often it can also damage the nasal mucosa.
Long term side-effects are unknown, ethcathinones history as recreational drug is short. But it could be expected to have similar side effects like other stimulants if used often.

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